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About & FAQ

Board Game Buy It Cheap in Canada

Hi - and welcome to my little online store, thanks for visiting!

This is where I sell used boardgames from my own collection. I already have a few hundred games in my apartment, but always want more!

However, space is limited and there are only so many game nights in a month. That's why I frequently sell games from my collection. (I do trade on BGG too - but all the games listed here need to leave my shelves without being immediately replaced.)

I hope all other questions will be answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are these games from?

These games are from my personal collection. I have bought them, traded for them, or have received some as review copies. However, after playing these games a few times, I don't need them any more.

What's the condition of the games you are selling?

They are in used condition. Complete, fully playable and usually in very good used condition. There may be minor shelf wear on the boxes. For the price I am offering them, however, you'll be fine.

However, I don't sleeve cards and if you are looking for pristine or "like new" games, these may not be for you.

Note: the rule booklets may have creases or may have been folded before - I read them on my commute.

Sounds good. But right now I don't see many products for sale. What's going on?

Every few weeks I am going through my collection and weed out games I don't need anymore. Then I upload them to this site. All of this takes some time.

In order to not miss any upcoming games for sale, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter (in footer!) - so you'll get updates immediately when more games are going up for sale.Β 

Some of your games are foreign language editions. Do those come with English rules?

No. But you can always find English rules either with the North American publishers or on the website BoardGameGeek.

Why do you sell the games in an online store and not on BGG, Ebay, Kijiji or elsewhere?

I am quite interested in all things e-commerce and digital marketing and use this shop to play around with themes, apps, SEO etc. Alas I am combining two hobbies of mine.

Also, with this Shopify online store, there's a secure checkout process, including payments and accurate (and discounted) shipping rates. Should there ever be a dispute, it can be resolved with Shopify.

Where do you ship to?

I only ship to Canadian and U.S. addresses. Sorry, everything else is too much trouble and difficult to calculate. Also, cross-border shipping fees for a product such as used games can be prohibitively high.

How much is the shipping fee?

I am shipping via Canada Post and during checkout (but before you pay!), you can see how much shipping will cost you based on your postal code and the service you choose. I am shipping from Toronto!

Can I pick up the games in person?

Yes - but please read on:

I live in Bloor West Village, in Toronto's west end (closest bigger intersection: Bloor Street and Runnymede Road). If you happen to be in the area we can make arrangements for pick up. However, I won't be commuting anywhere else in the city or accommodate requests where I would have to invest much more time than walking over to the post office from my house. This is not a BGG trade;-)

During Covid, I am home most of the time, so pick ups are quite easy.

Please contact me regarding an in-person pick up before you place the order so that we ensure there are no shipping fees added.

Can I offer you a trade, or ask for single games in a bundle offer?

Please don't do that. These bundles are priced very reasonably, I think. My goal is to make some space on my shelves, and to do so efficiently.

What kind of store is this anyways?

This is not a store. I am only selling used games from my collection;-) If you decide to buy here, you are buying a pre-owned product from a private person, as you would on Ebay, Kijiji or Craigslist.

Can I email you?

Sure: info (at) board-games.ca